You can not use the command:

Set-MailboxDatabase MB-BR-01 -PublicFolderDatabase $ null
as it returns an error, it does not allow to have to null the public folder associated with the DB

but you can use the following system:


Navigate to the container that holds the Exchange databases. For Exchange 2010 you’ll find this in CN=Services -> CN=Microsoft Exchange -> CN=(your organization name) -> CN=Administrative Groups -> CN=Exchange Administrative Group (FYDIBOHF23SPDLT) -> CN=Databases.

Right-click the mailbox database you want to remove the default public folder database from and choose Properties.

Scroll down until you find the msExchHomePublicMDB attribute. Highlight it and then clickEdit.

Fare clic con il database delle cassette postali che si desidera rimuovere il database predefinito delle cartelle pubbliche da e selezionare Proprietà.

Scorrere verso il basso fino a trovare l’attributo msExchHomePublicMDB. Evidenziarlo e poi clickEdit.



Click the Clear button so that the value changes to “not set”.

Click OK, and OK again to commit the change.

Depending on the size of your network you may need to wait for that change to replicate throughout your Active Directory.

When you try to remove the public folder database again you should find that it now removes without error.



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