Configuration PEC  on Client Mail  With utixo

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This Article allows all customers who bought a certified mail box (@, @, @, @, @, @ and @pec. nomedominio.ext), configure your mail client using the following parameters.

We chose the “Microsoft Outlook 2013” client as an example for demonstration.

Start the client and from the top menu choose “File”


Then click “Add Account”


flag the option “Manual setup or additional server types”


POP or IMAP access, and click “Next”


Account settings:

Full name: Mario Rossi

e-mail: certified mail address (eg;; etc ..)

Password: password linked to PEC box

Protocol Type: POP

host name of the incoming mail server:

host name of the outgoing mail server:


Outgoing Mail Server settings:

For the outgoing mail server settings, authentication is required.

The voice server requires authentication is present on Client used such as Outlook or Outlook Express, on other client could be named differently but it is still present among the options under the account setup.


Impostazioni Avanzate:

Porta del server di posta in entrata (POP3): 995

Porta del server di posta in uscita (SMTP): 465*
*per il server della posta in uscita (SMTP) è necessario impostare ‘Autenticazione del server”.

Tipo di Connessione: SSL**






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