Hide “Get Windows 10” Icon in Taskbar ( GWX ) ( KB3035583 )

This is the easiest way to get rid of the icon. You can right-click on the date/time in Taskbar system tray and select “Customize notification icons” option. It’ll open a new window. Now look for GWX (Get Windows 10) entry in the list and change its value to “Hide icon and notifications” using the drop-down box.


Apply the changes and it’ll hide the White Windows flag icon in Taskbar notification area.

– If you don’t want to use the above mentioned method, you can kill the process related to “Get Windows 10” app and it’ll automatically remove the icon from Taskbar.

1. Right-click on Taskbar and select Task Manager option. It’ll open Task Manager. You can also directly launch Task Manager by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Esc keys together.

2. Now go to Processes or Details tab and select GWX process and then click on “End Process” button. You can also right-click on GWX process and select “End Process” or “End Task” option. Or you can simply select GWX process and press Delete key.


It’ll kill GWX process and will also remove its icon from Taskbar notification area. If the icon is still visible, just hover mouse cursor over it and it’ll magically disappear.

If you follow above mentioned method, it’ll remove the app and its icon temporarily. After some time or next logon, the app and its icon might come back. Following Registry tweaks will disable “Get Windows 10” app and its Taskbar icon permanently:

1. Type regedit in RUN or Start search box and press Enter. It’ll open Registry Editor.

2. Now go to following key:


3. Create a new key under Windows key and set its name as GWX

So the final key path would be:


4. Now select GWX key and in right-side pane create a new DWORD DisableGWX and set its value to 1


5. Now go to following key:


6. Create a new key under Windows key and set its name as WindowsUpdate

So the final key path would be:


7. Now select WindowsUpdate key and in right-side pane create a new DWORDDisableOSUpgrade and set its value to 1

8. Again go to following key in Registry Editor:


9. In right-side pane, look for two DWORDs AllowOSUpgrade and ReservationsAllowed and change their values to 0

After applying all these tweaks, close Registry Editor and restart your computer to take effect.

It’ll permanently disable “Get Windows 10” app and will also remove its icon from Taskbar.

In future, if you decide to re-enable the app and its icon, simply delete the DWORDs created in above steps.

Delete “Get Windows 10” Task from Task Scheduler

If you don’t want to modify Registry, you can delete “Get Windows 10” app’s task from Task Scheduler as there is a task present in Task Scheduler which automatically starts the “Get Windows 10” app at predefined time or events.

So to permanently get rid of the app and icon, you’ll need to delete its task from Task Scheduler using following steps:

1. Press Win+R keys together to launch RUN dialog box, then type taskschd.msc in RUN box and press Enter.

2. It’ll open Task Scheduler program. Now go to:

Task Scheduler Library -> Microsoft -> Windows -> Setup

3. Under Setup key, you’ll see 2 more sub-keys:

  • gwx
  • GWXTriggers


4. To permanently remove “Get Windows 10” app, you’ll need to either disable or delete tasks present under both of the above mentioned keys. To disable the tasks, you can right-click on the task and select Disable option.

You’ll be able to disable all tasks present under “gwx” key but Windows will not allow you to disable tasks present under “GWXTriggers” key due to permissions issue.

Don’t worry! You can delete all tasks present under both gwx and GWXTriggers keys using following steps:

4. a. Type tasks in RUN dialog box and press Enter. It’ll show permissions related message, click on Continue button. It’ll open C:\Windows\System32\Tasks folder which stores all tasks listed in Task Scheduler program.


Now again open Task Scheduler and you’ll see that “Task Scheduler Library -> Microsoft -> Windows -> Setup” is now empty. So no more “Get Windows 10” app and its icon in Taskbar.

METHOD 5: Delete the “Get Windows 10” app Files and Folder

Although after using the above mentioned method, you’ll no longer see “Get Windows 10” app and its icon in Windows but if you are still worried about the app, you can delete its executable file and its folder to remove it completely from your computer:

The “Get Windows 10” app executable file is GWX.exe which is present in following 2 folders:

  • C:\Windows\System32\GWX
  • C:\Windows\SysWOW64\GWX (in 64-bit systems only)


6: Uninstall Windows Update Responsible for “Get Windows 10” App

There is another alternative method to get rid of “Get Windows 10” app and its icon. You can uninstall the update which actually installed this app in your system. Once you uninstall the update, it’ll automatically remove the “Get Windows 10” app from your computer.

The update is KB3035583 and you can uninstall it using the same steps as given in following similar article:


After uninstalling the update, don’t forget to hide it as mentioned in the Step 6 of above mentioned tutorial so that it doesn’t install again in your computer.




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