Follow these steps to migrate / move the server DB:

– Set the correct permissions on the recipients DB and that means:

  1. the VSA user must be DBCreator
  2. the VSA user must be able to read (select) the following tables of ‘MSDB: sysjobs, sysjobschedules, sysjobservers, sysjobsteps.
    – Make sure you have TCP / IP and / or named pipes enabled

– Stoppard all EV services, total up all the DB

– Copy all DB using backup-restore-attach or detach from the old server to the new server

– Update on EV pointing to DB server:

  1. Use the specific tool Symantec EVSQLSERVERMOVE
  2. Enable the execution of powershell scripts via the command Set-ExecutionPolicy unrestricted, it requires powershell 2.0 or higher (get-host displays the powershell installed version)
  3. Run the command from the EV server:. \ -s EVSQLServermove.ps1 sourceservce.domain.local -d destserver.domain.local -LogDirectory [filepath]
    – Check that the log is positive and that all references to the DB have been updated

– Restart the EV services by checking the event viewer does not report errors, and a good idea to stop the services of the old DB to be certain that there is still some reference to the old server. To often experience some references are not updated is important to check them one by one-

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